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Cat Adopter Resources

This handout will help new adopters prepare to bring their new cat home. It provides our best advice for the first few days home (hint: don't throw a "Welcome Home" party!) It covers strategies and information that will set you and your new cat up for a lifetime of success! (click above to download)

Indoors is the best place for a cat! This awesome handout from the Humane Society of the United States explains the how and why of keeping your cat indoors. It has eleven helpful tips to keep your kitty happy and healthy indoors. (click above to download)

This helpful handout explains how harmful and damaging declawing is to cats, and how it leads to undesirable behaviors! It shares how you can train your cats to scratch only on pet parent approved surfaces, and lists a number of alternatives to declawing if you and your cat just can't agree on what is and is not okay for them to scratch! (click above to download)

Introducing your new cat to your other pets can be fun, but also a bit scary. This handout goes over all the details of a successful introduction between your new cat and your other pets. By understanding more about how cats think, you can set your new cat up for social success. And if things do get a little tense, there are some great tips for calming things down! (click above to download)

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