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Kids Can Make a Difference!


There are many ways that school age children – and their parents too – can help Buddy Dog. Here are some creative ideas our young supporters to help the animals:



• Organize a neighborhood collection drive. Make a colorful and informative flyer that asks for donations of supplies that we can use at the shelter. Pass the flyers out to your friends and neighbors and post them throughout your neighborhood. You’ll be surprised how quickly you can collect a variety of items for the shelter.


• On your next birthday have your friends bring a “pet present” to the party and make a cat or dog’s day!


• Find a few friends and have a lemonade stand at your home. Decorate the stand with stuffed animals and balloons. On a hot day – you just may sell out!


• Ask your teacher if you can organize a classroom drive to benefit Buddy Dog. Place a big decorated box in the room to fill with items for the shelter. With the help of your teacher, you can help educate your classmates as to the need for the drive and your goal to help homeless animals. Maybe your whole grade would like to participate or better yet the WHOLE school!


• Write a report or do an oral presentation on the Buddy Dog Humane Society. This is a wonderful way to teach your friends about the important work done at Buddy Dog and other shelters. Visit the shelter with a parent and take pictures of the shelter and animals that are awaiting new homes.


Did you do something fun to help Buddy Dog? Send us an email with pictures and tell us about your project. With your parents’ permission, we will post your picture in our “Kids can Help” album!


THANK YOU for helping the animals!

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