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The goal of the Buddy Dog Humane Society is to find responsible and permanent homes for all the animals in our care. To help realize this goal, our adoption counselors work with potential adopters to match them with a friend for life. Buddy Dog values our reputation as a premiere humane organization in metropolitan Boston. A large number of our adopters come to us through word of mouth. We invite you to come visit the shelter and see the beautiful “buddies” awaiting new homes… and to spread the word.     Click here for DOGS Click here for CATS



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News and Information

Part of Buddy Dog Humane Society’s mission is to educate and inform the public regarding issues that affect our four-legged friends.  Keep updated on pet related issues and information.

Holiday alert! The shelter will be CLOSING EARLY at 4pm on Wednesday, Nov 26, and we will be CLOSED on Thursday, Nov 27. We will be OPEN regular hours (Noon-5pm) all weekend on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Have a happy and safe holiday! ... See MoreSee Less

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Kiki VictoriaHappy Thanksgiving to all and thank you for all you do 😘🙏🐾1   ·  18 hours ago

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Buddy Dog Humane Society, Inc. shared a photo. ... See MoreSee Less

Hi there! My name is Mollie. I came all the way from South Carolina to find a new home. I had a difficult beginning to life but was very lucky to be rescued and brought to Massachusetts. A wonderful family adopted me and I was such a happy girl. Unfortunately, I began to have some health issues and no one knows why (including me). My gait became very stiff, my head tilted and even though I still wanted to play with my children, I was no longer able to keep up. My family was heartbroken because they could not help me and saw that I was struggling. I know it was a difficult decision (they were so sad) but they decided to give me to Buddy Dog so that I could be taken care of and hopefully be a happy pup again. I have already undergone many tests, treatments and even though the people are nice they do give me lots of medication, (they think I don’t notice it hidden in my treats). I am a good patient and always cooperate because I so badly want to be well. I overheard the veterinarian talking to the staff and it will be over $3,000 for me to have an MRI and spinal tap. It sounds scary but it all needs to be done to diagnosis my illness. I promise to be brave, but the people at Buddy Dog need your help (and so do I) to raise the money to continue to care for me. If you can help, I would be so grateful and I know the Buddy Dog people would be too! Any donation, no amount is too small, will help me be on the road to recovery. Woofs, wiggles and wags, Mollie www.buddydoghs.com/sponsors/

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Moxie Reviewsshared again1 day ago

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Available at Noon on Tuesday, 11/25/14. For adoption information, please call, visit, or email us during regular business hours. Buddy Dog Humane Society, Inc., Sudbury, MA. (978) 443-6990 or [email protected]

Our names are Dwight (brindle, male), Danny (brown, male), Denby (black, female), and Dylan (brown and white, male). We are 13-week-old Labrador mixes. We are sweet, friendly, active and playful, and we will grow up to be medium- to large-sized dogs. We are looking for homes with families who have the time to train us. We have just made the trip to Buddy Dog from a partner shelter Dog4U in South Carolina.
... See MoreSee Less

2 days ago

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Jackie FrenchPerrin Noel2 days ago

David BoyerLook at these guys!2 days ago

Moxie Reviewsshared2 days ago

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** DOGS FOR ADOPTION! ** (8 photos) ... See MoreSee Less

Dogs for adoption through Buddy Dog Humane Society, Inc. We are a non-profit animal shelter located in Sudbury, MA. **FOR ADOPTION INFORMATION: Please contact the shelter staff by phone at (978) 443-6990 or email at [email protected], or visit us during our regular business hours at 151 Boston Post Road in Sudbury, MA. PLEASE NOTE: It is recommended that you contact the shelter staff directly for information about any of the animals you see on our page. Our Facebook page is moderated by volunteers, and we may not have access to the latest adoption information. Thank you for your interest and your continued support! Please LIKE and SHARE these photos to help our animals find their loving forever homes!

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Marianne Kathleenwrap up tatiana and ponce for xmas for me will ya?1   ·  5 years ago

Cindy GingrichGreat photos of great dogs!5 years ago

Donna DewallaceTatiana will have a big red bow for you Marianne and Cody will have a big geeen bow for Cindy. So who will take Shayla?1   ·  5 years ago

Kim BedfordI got my Lucky Dog from Buddy Dog --- best buddy ever. I love her!5 years ago

Barbara BourqueI love these dogs!!!5 years ago

Gina Greenethese dogs are sooo cute..5 years ago

Phoebe Scott- LawsonAdopt these dogs... they all are amazing :)5 years ago

Gina Greenewish i could i have 2 of my own already..5 years ago

Jeanne Marie PlourdeOMG...wish Santa would give me a doggie for Christmas!5 years ago

Phoebe Scott- Lawsonvery cute :)5 years ago

Tina Zilembo ThebadoI want them ALL! <3 <3 <35 years ago

Laurie Moulisaren't they just gorgeous?!!5 years ago

Chris Baertoo cute...awww look at the white one, all tucked in!5 years ago

Cindy GingrichLove those new hounds!5 years ago

Liz FinneganWe have a hound we rescued from Buddy Dog almost 5 years ago. He is the best family dog. Wish we had room for more!1   ·  5 years ago

Amelie Jordan-Smithi love BAMBINO!1   ·  5 years ago

Meredith SantangeloWe got Riley about 5 yrs ago, and what a sweetie she turned out to be. We love her to bits and she's so funny and lovable!5 years ago

Illona Schoenfeld RollOur Roscoe is from buddy dog...the love of our lives...He is the best dog, so sweet and loving!!1   ·  5 years ago

Buddy Dog Humane Society, Inc.Attach pics of your Buddy Dog pals to your comments and they will go to our fan photo gallery. We love to see them in their happily-ever-after homes! :-)5 years ago

Gina Greenewhere is buddy dog humane society located.. i'm here in AZ..5 years ago

Gayle GledhillSudbury, MA5 years ago

Gayle GledhillMy late dog was 15+ and was from buddy dog, he was a happy , child friendly dog and a great watch dog. Our 6 year old is also from buddy dog, and when ready we will be back. Thanks for all you do for the animals that come to you there.1   ·  5 years ago

Buddy Dog Humane Society, Inc.and thank you for adopting time and time again :-)5 years ago

Pamela Hines Kattanymy dog Maxine is from Buddy Dog, got her Jan '04 when she was a year old. She is from Puerto Rico and I still communicate via e-mail with the woman who found her. She doesn't think she's a dog, maybe a cat or a human, but definitely not a dog...throw something for her to fetch and she looks at you like "watcha doin....??"5 years ago

Buddy Dog Humane Society, Inc.Glad to hear Maxine is doing well in her new life as a cat! :-) Feel free to attach a pic to your comment so we can see her pretty self in the Fan Photo section!5 years ago

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Rescue Roadtrip update... We're here! We arrived at Buddy Dog at about 8:30pm. All the pups are snuggled in their new beds, with full bellies and plenty of toys. They are all so sweet and they can't wait to meet you! These new arrivals need a few days to settle in, but they will be ready to meet visitors on Tuesday. Check our Facebook page for updates or come see them in person. Thank you to our friends and supporters, your donations helped us rescue these dogs! We do this work for the animals and we couldn't do it without you! ... See MoreSee Less

4 days ago

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Brandy ShagouryThere is nothing like the first night with a rescue. I remember when I brought mine home they were so nervous and had been in a car all day to boot (PA to VA). After dinner and some playtime they were ready for bed. I remember watching them curled up together at the end of my bed. Little paws twitching, little nubbies wiggling, and a lot of exhausted snoring. Best feeling in the world. 😊2   ·  4 days ago

Barbara DowneyThanks for all your hard work . We love our buddy dog2   ·  4 days ago

Kelly Drescher JohnsonWhat I love about a rescue is the moment when they realize this is their family now. There was a great lesson on love and forgiveness in there that I could not have learned from any other human - only a dog can teach forgiveness through love like that.4   ·  4 days ago

Rachel Earlwhere do we have to go to to meet these cute little puppies??1   ·  4 days ago

Deb SpellmanRachel Earl they are at buddydog but call first because new arrivals have to be quarantined first so find out when they will be available for viewing. CALL buddydog.4 days ago

Suzana MichelI'll be there soon!4 days ago

Moxie ReviewsThank you to the volunteers for rescuing the dogs!1   ·  4 days ago

Buddy Dog Humane Society, Inc.Hi everyone, thank you for your kind words! The new dogs will be available at Buddy Dog on Tuesday. Check our Facebook page, or call, visit, or email the shelter for more info! (978) 443-6990 or [email protected]2   ·  4 days ago

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Rescue Roadtrip update... We met the Dog4U volunteers and got the pups settled safely in our van. They are sweet and loving, and so cute! We are heading back to MA with a van full of lucky dogs! We will post more pics soon, and you can find info about these new dogs on our website next week. Your support makes it possible for us to rescue these animals and give them a new chance at life! ... See MoreSee Less

5 days ago

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Kimberly HicksComing in next week to full out an application! Don't want to miss out!!!5 days ago

Nancy Donohue ByrneOur 2 cats came to us through a joint venture of Dogs4U & Buddy Dog so I love to see these posts! Keep up the great work that you do!!!2   ·  5 days ago

Tina HylandOur dog came from the South via you. Xxx5 days ago

Leah FloresThanks for all you do!5 days ago

Marielena McCuskerThank you ! Have a safe trip back home.5 days ago

Rhonda S. FowlerThank you! Safe home.4 days ago

Jennifer O'KeefeOur Maddie came from buddy dog via Dog4U!!1   ·  4 days ago

Missy Meli EcksThank you for doing what you do.4 days ago

Maryanne Keating NollDo you have any pictures of the new group yet? Please post!2 days ago

Buddy Dog Humane Society, Inc.Hi Maryann, the new arrivals will be available on Tuesday 11/25/14 at Noon.2 days ago

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Rescue Roadtrip update... We made it to PA and we are less than an hour from meeting the dogs! We will post pictures as soon as we can! Thank you everyone for your support and your good wishes! ... See MoreSee Less

5 days ago

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Deb SpellmanWhoo Hooo go get em bring em home.1   ·  5 days ago

Susan GilsonGreat job!!!5 days ago

Michal AlonGreat job, my friends!!!!! It warms up the hearts to witness the miracles you bring to these dog's lives!!!!! <35 days ago

Cynthia Helsel SkierYou folks are heroes!2   ·  5 days ago

Lisa Norwood BurgeSafe trip !!!5 days ago

Mark KirschKaren Kolodzey Kirsch5 days ago

Katie Herzog SbayThank you for doing this work!!!5 days ago

Linda LaneStay warm and have a safe trip back !!! Great job !!!5 days ago

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Rescue Roadtrip update... It's 3:30am, do you know where your volunteers are? We are warming up the van and getting ready to head down to PA to meet with volunteers from Dog4U. We are so excited to pick up the pups! ... See MoreSee Less

5 days ago

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JodinJim PirelliBe safe5 days ago

Cathy CantinTravel safe, Liz and Andrew!5 days ago

Vicki SchneiderGood luck and thank u for all u do!5 days ago

Renee MedeirosBe safe and thank you!5 days ago

Cindy Sartini McAuleyThanks to you all, there are some very lucky dogs!5 days ago

De KeimachKeep safe!!5 days ago

Kiki VictoriaI was at Buddy Dog yesterday to donate and visit the dogs YOU are All amazing! Thank you for doing what you do! My first dog came from Buddy dog when I was 9 an d I'm now 41 😉🙏 drive safe can't wait to see the pics!2   ·  5 days ago

Kathy CloutierDrive Safe! Sam (the rat terrier we adopted in July) says SAVE SOME PUPS!4   ·  5 days ago

Yvonne Lee JaffeSafe travels! Our pup that we adopted in February was a Dog4U pup. Proof that these travels do make a difference. 🐶4   ·  5 days ago

Sue Koerper FarrellOur first pup was from Buddy Dog. 45 years and 8 rescue pups later, we can say giving a loving home to a rescue dog is wonderful!2   ·  5 days ago

Kelly Drescher JohnsonOur dog is a Dog4U/Buddy Dog Humane Society, Inc. rescue, and we couldn't be happier with her! She's a favorite at the vet, day camp, and pet store. (people fight over who gets to assist her!) we would adopt from these two groups again in a heartbeat!4   ·  4 days ago

Dalana BewleyYou guys burn the candle at both ends! It's awesome there are dedicated people out there like you, helping the animals!4 days ago

Lauren BaxterOur pup is also a Dog4U/Buddy Dog Humane Society rescue! Thankfully we are in contact with her whole litter that she came up with!!!4   ·  4 days ago

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Mollie still needs your help! We're still collecting donations to cover Mollie's care, which includes an expensive MRI. Mollie is such a sweet girl and Buddy Dog is dedicated to doing all we can to improve her health! To donate via Paypal, you can visit our webpage and click on the "donate" button. ... See MoreSee Less

6 days ago

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Katie FitzGerald KeaneWe miss her so much! :(1   ·  6 days ago

Lisa LaneSuch a cutie!!!1   ·  6 days ago

Deb SpellmanIs this an older photo of Molly? Wondering cause her head is straight.1   ·  6 days ago

J Bullock BakerLinda Pagano CopinTammy LuppinoKelli AdamsPam PJ JohnsonTania BarbaraTanya BerubeGloria PalestriniLiz SavesPam Saving LivesLarryand Jackie KasufkinVictoria AnsaldoLinda Temple AcreyBillie J KingSharon McIntyreSharon Vasquez PLEASE SHARE FOR HELP, MOLLIE NEEDS MRI!!!!!!6 days ago

Moxie Reviewsshared!5 days ago

Billie J Kingshrd5 days ago

Deb Spellmanshared5 days ago

Toni MoseleyHansome Loves His Sissy.....SHARE SHARE SHARE PLEASE. !!!!5 days ago

Tracie FinleyShe is beautiful4 days ago

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On Saturday, 11/22/14, volunteers from Buddy Dog and our partner shelter Dog4U will be working together to bring a group of lucky Southern dogs to our shelter in Massachusetts, where they will be able to find their forever homes! Your support and donations help us rescue these dogs and give them a chance at new lives. We hope you will follow along on our trip by checking our Facebook page for updates throughout the day, liveblogging starts at 3am on Saturday morning. Wish us luck, and as always, thank you for your support! ... See MoreSee Less

6 days ago

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Jessica LeeNicole Bizzozero6 days ago

Mark KirschKaren Kolodzey Kirsch6 days ago

Stephanie LampilaGreat!!!6 days ago

Linda LaneHave a safe journey you guys !!! :)6 days ago

JodinJim PirelliSafe travels! I have some food and towels and toys I will be bringing in6 days ago

Kristine NotarangeloSafe travels for all...6 days ago

Charlie ABHow do I donate to this??6 days ago

Buddy Dog Humane Society, Inc.Thanks so much Charlie AB! There is a "donate" button you can click on our main web page if you would like to donate via PayPal: www.buddydoghs.com/6 days ago

Becky BarryAwesome, thank you!!!!!!!6 days ago

Moxie ReviewsSafe travels! Thank you for doing this for the dogs! <35 days ago

Natalie KingsburyThank you, you are heros!5 days ago

Kerry DiBuonoGood luck5 days ago

Kerry DiBuonoYou guys are the best! Be safe5 days ago

Melissa Brown BurnsOh please come get some dogs out of Miami!5 days ago

Buddy Dog Humane Society, Inc.Hi Melissa, if you know of any rescue groups who might want to work with us, please ask them to email us at [email protected]2 days ago

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