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Founded in 1961, “Buddy Dog”, as it is affectionately known, is a not-for-profit animal welfare organization dedicated to finding new homes for homeless dogs and cats. The Society is incorporated with one main objective, “giving a new lease on life to impounded dogs and cats”. Buddy Dog accepts homeless dogs and cats, in good health and of friendly disposition, which could, without our help, be destroyed. These animals find refuge at our shelter and can depend on becoming someone’s forever friend. There is no time limit on their stay.

Our animal guests come to Buddy Dog from near and far and for many different reasons. Ideally a staff member interviews an animal’s owner at the time the pet is being relinquished to get an accurate assessment of the animal’s needs; however, some of the pets are simply strays with no attainable history. We also assist animal control officers and other animal welfare organizations who have homeless pets in need of our help.

The goal of the Buddy Dog Humane Society is to find responsible and permanent homes for all the animals in our care. To help realize this goal, our adoption counselors work with potential adopters to match them with a friend for life.

Buddy Dog values our reputation as a premiere humane organization in metropolitan Boston. A large number of our adopters come to us through word of mouth. We invite you to come visit the shelter and see the beautiful “buddies” awaiting new homes… and to spread the word.

About the Society 


A terrified, abandoned puppy was discovered in a paper bag on a pile of smoldering trash at the Sudbury, MA town dump. The stray was rescued and placed by Buddy Dog’s founder and his plight inspired the formation of the Buddy Dog Humane Society. The Humane Society was named after Buddy, a long time companion of its founder. Originally created to save stray dogs from destruction and laboratory experiments, Buddy Dog expanded its services to include cats in 1984.




The shelter is located on a beautiful and easily accessible site on Route 20 in Sudbury, Massachusetts. Our adoption center provides ventilated, heated/air conditioned and comfortable housing. Compassionate and competent staff and volunteers, nutritious food, veterinary care provided by a full-time veterinarian and experienced veterinary technicians, and an in-shelter spay/neuter clinic all combine to maintain the good health and nature of the dogs and cats.

The shelter, constructed in 1976, offers our canine guests, 32 individual indoor/outdoor runs with comfortable bedding and toys, spacious fenced areas for exercise and playtime, and a separate area for puppies and small or timid dogs. The facility also includes housing for over 20 felines in a brightly lit room with picture windows for bird watching, indoor play areas (mostly used for napping) and an outdoor enclosed porch for sun bathing.



President                                         Heidi Hampson                                                             

Vice President

Ann Burtt


Helen Crary


Ann Burtt



Jayne Gandrup



Steve Burtt

Dawn Seymour


Financial Statement

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