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Diamonds in the Ruff

Finding loving homes for our overlooked dogs and cats 


Meet Jade


Why a Diamond?

Jade has been patiently waiting for her furever family to find her for quite some time. While she has made herself at home here at the shelter, mastering routines and being a fun and lovable best friend to many staff and volunteers, it does not compare to the home of her own she wants so badly. Her shyness with strangers, high standards of a new home, and breed mix have led to her garnering little attention from potential adopters which is why she is a Diamond in the Ruff.






















Jade Update: Training SUCCESS!!

Jade recently began board-and-train at the Boston Dogtor to help her learn her manners and social skills with other dogs. After less than a month, Jade has already learned to relax around other pups and has even made friends with a special few! While she continues to need a home as an only pet, she is now comfortable living in areas with a little more hustle and bustle, although still no urban living for her!

Behavioral training is never really done and she will need continued guidance as she navigates life, but now with the proper tools to do so successfully!

Wile Jade waits for her furever family to find her she will continue her hard work and stay at board-and-train. She thrives in a solid routine and truly enjoys herself there.


Her Beginning

Gorgeous Jade was found wandering around, confused and abandoned. She ran away scared from animal control; it took days for them to catch her! She spent some time with the animal control officer while she tried to find her original family, and when they couldn't be found her furever family. Eventually, they asked if she could come to Buddy Dog, and we were happy to help this poor girl start fresh.

Get to Know the Diamond

Jade is many things, cuddly, goofy, motivated, and gorgeous! She has some hurdles to overcome but has already jumped so many that we know she can conquer them all!

Like many dogs, Jade took “stranger danger” seriously and is skeptical of new humans. She greets strangers with a little stink eye before checking them out and accepting any treat offerings (yes, she does take bribes); some men may need a little extra time and offerings. Before long, she’s enjoying back scratches, cookies, and having a good time! As she warms up more and more, you’ll find her in your lap giving lots of kisses and demanding some love in return. A home with little visitors and dog-savvy teens 15 and up would be best.

Jade enjoys playtime in many forms, her favorites are splashing in kiddie pools, zoomies in a big yard, and tossing around soft (but durable) toys. Sometimes she’ll do all three at once! She’s also down for playing chase and tug-o-war with her people. When it’s time to relax she’ll happily sprawl herself wherever is comfy, a cool floor is often just as nice as a comfy bed, and gnaw away at an assortment of her tough chew toys. She would love a single-family-style home with a fenced-in yard to play in!

One thing has been made very clear; Jade wants to be a spoiled-only pet! She is not a fan of other animals but has been working hard to learn to tolerate their crime of being in her presence. She practices being “playpen neighbors," going on close but not-too-close walks with calmer dogs. She eventually settles around them and decides they’re not worth her time. While a neighborhood with no other animals is ideal, it is a little unreasonable. Jade is willing to settle for a home where there aren’t many other animals, and the ones that are there “mind their business.”

Working with Jade has been a joy. Her mastery of her routine, learning new fun tricks, and especially learning to trust us. In this chaotic environment full of barking dogs and bustling people, she has made so much progress and continues to do so.

Basic Information

Age: Approximately 3 years old

Sex: Female (spayed)

Breed: Most likely Staffordshire terrier mix

Weight: 75lbs and a little plump

Adoption Requirements

  • Experience with dogs needed.

  • Needs dog-savvy teens 15 and up who understand to go slow as she warms up.

  • No apartment-style homes

  • No busy cities.

  • Needs to be an only pet (could possibly live with another compatible dog with continued training)

  • No more than 6 hours alone a day; can go 8 hours once she has settled in and learned housebreaking.

  • Able to accommodate her mild allergies to chicken which cause irritated skin and bowels.


How to Adopt

We are unfortunately unable to accept walk-in visitors at the shelter during this time.

If interested in adopting an animal, please visit our home page for our new Covid-19 adoption process.

For any questions, please email

We ask all prospective adopters to fill out an online application, which can be found hereIf the animal becomes available and your application has been approved to move onto the next step, a staff member will schedule a remote interview prior to scheduling a meet-and-greet with the eligible animals.

Please by patient as we receive many applications daily. If you have any questions, feel free to email or leave a voicemail at 978-443-6990.


The ideal home described above is based on the knowledge of Buddy Dog’s staff. This list reflects what Buddy Dog staff believe will be necessary for the animals to succeed and be happy in an adoptive home.

Spoil Jade

Can't adopt but still want to spoil Jade?

Below is her personal wishlist!

  • Tough chewer squeaky toys

  • Tasty pescetarian/vegetarian treats

  • Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Brown Rice & Salmon dog food (dry and canned)

Our general wishlist can be found here. All donations can be brought to the shelter during our business hours or mailed to us at 151 Boston Post Road, Sudbury, MA 01776.


Photos & Videos


Contact Us

If you are interested in learning more about Jade contact a staff member by emailing or leaving a voicemail at 978-443-6990. Appointments to meet the animals will be scheduled by staff once an animal is available and your application is approved. Please be patient as we receive many applications daily. Online applications can be found here.

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